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Peta has been in the photographic industry for over 35 years and has photographed in some of the most difficult and isolated locations in the world. 

Peta has held a pilots license for over 20 years and so it was only natural that she combined her photography with flying.  Aerial photography is an important artistic skill.  A lot of the world’s most interesting patterns are only apparent from the air.  Peta enjoys the challenge in capturing the dramatic beauty of any subject from a unique, aerial perspective, whether it's a mining site, construction site or a sporting event.

A personal highlight was photographing / filming and producing a book and documentary for Parks Australia on Pulu Keeling National Park in the Cocos Keeling Islands. 

Another highlight was organising, filming and photographing the 60th anniversary of the crash of JX435 Catalina in the Cocos Islands. 

This project involved bringing dignitaries and survivors/rescuers to the Cocos Island from all around the world.

I look for the magical and the mystical beneath my wings, seeking to share the beauty of what I see through the lens, the colors and shapes, the majestic vista of our country as seen from above.

Abstract over the ponds
Abstract over the ponds
Memories from Australia Day at Cottesloe
Abstract over the ponds


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